Sunday, 24 May 2015

2015 Update

Ok so once again we have some catching up to do - about 2.5 years to be precise !

I last wrote something in December 2012 - as the year closed I was saying that I had reached my target of 2,012 miles (it being 2,012 and it seemed like a reasonable target to set).

I was also saying that I had moved to Road Pedals from the Mountain Bike type I had been using previously. I had also started riding the Quattro (first ride  was recorded as 23rd October 2013 - a 23 mile ride which took 1:24:00. Interestingly the average was 3.39 minutes per mile, compared with a 25 mile ride last week at 3:42 minutes per mile - although I have no comparison for the elevation it does appear that things haven't changed a lot over the past year and a half).

Looking back at 2013:

January started off with just 128.39 miles. Interestingly the first miles of the year were a 21.21 mile ride on the Quattro on January 4th - which suggests that the weather wasn't too awful at the beginning of 2013. A week later there was another 20.01 mile road ride but the rest of the month was all on the turbo.

February  saw just 1 road ride - 18.04 miles and a total of even less (120.92). March only saw 3 road rides but a much improved monthly total of 306.30 (which included TWO 50 mile turbo sessions). April resulted in a very small total - 113.10 but all on the road as the turbo gathered dust in the garage. 

May was an odd looking month (looking back in my log book) as there are a few rides that have sparse information. On closer examination it seems that the reason behind this was the purchase of a Cannondale Cyclocross Bike as the Quattro was not suitable for riding on paths and trails. At the time I can only assume that I didn't have a sensor to use the Garmin. The monthly total was 160.27 miles.

June  203.21
July 222.70
August 234.26

September saw us on a Cruise so the initial miles were racked up in the Gym on the exercise bike. 100.60 miles were recorded over 8 rides (mostly looking at the sea through the front window of the ship). Four more rides on return took the total to 175.03

October saw the Turbo back in action and a monthly total of 250.78
November was the largest total for the year - 317 with a mixture of Turbo and Road riding.

The year ended with  just one ride in December and a total of 215.09

The total mileage was 2,447.05 miles

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