Sunday, 11 November 2012

Into November

One thousand eight hundred and seventy four point six seven miles. That is the current miles total for this year. What does that mean in relation to my yearly total ? Well my target of 2,012 miles is 137.33 miles away, or 19.2 miles per week over the next 7 weeks - easy ! Mmmm maybe - it's all down to the weather really. As I look out of the window this morning at an almost cloudless sky and a temperature of 7.2 it all seems like a formality to reach my target, however we all know that no-one knows what is round the corner.
The fact that I look like reaching this years target before the end of the year made we start to think about next year - what will be the aim for 2013, the year I turn 50 ???
The easy option would be to add a mile to the target and make it 2,013 in 2013 but that would;t be much of a challenge (assuming that I do reach this years target - and even if I don't I would have got so near that 2,013 wouldn't perhaps be much of an achievement next year.
On a night out with friends Jan & Steve I decided that it was about time Shinscraper (as was his nickname at school) got his old Mercian bike off the hooks in the garage and got back into peddling again. We talked about doing a decent ride - a 100 miler in a day seemed like a good idea. Not sure where to go but we have a vague plan to do something in May or June of next year.
Ok - short update for now - got to go and photo my bikes for insurance purposes. Then it's off to Derby for a look around the shops (not been for  - well I can't remember how long) then to the Quad cinema to see the film Private Peaceful after an Italian meal at ASK ! - it's a hard life as they say...

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