Friday, 2 November 2012

Is that the time ?

Ok it's been (another) while since I updated the blog and after the usual ear holing from Kenneth I have finally given in, so here goes.

On the football scene it's been interesting to say the least. We've progressed int he FA Cup until Ilkeston FC hit a purple match in the replay at Christchurch Meadow and scored 5 after we took the lead.

We also progressed in te FA Trophy until Cammell Laird came to town and deservedly won 2-0 last Saturday (thankfully no sign of Mr S Knife this time around).

League wise we plumbed the depths when a 1-1 draw at home to Carlton left us bottom of the table. Since then we have had a bit of a turnaround and we currently sit 13th, still with games in hand that could see us on the edge of the play offs. If we hadn't let in a 95th minute winner at Gresley and a 94th minute equaliser at Chasetown we would be right up there with the play off contenders already.

Sadly no Frogba so far this season due to a pre season knee injury at Holbrook which refuses to heal. We keep hearing 2 more weeks but like tomorrow it never quite arrives. Fingers crossed that he is back soon as we desperately need his goalscoring touch.

Tomorrow we're off to Stafford Rangers to play Northwich Victoria who are groundsharing. A new ground and a new team for me.

All the match day action can be seen here: BTFC Match Action Photos

On the cycling front the 2012 target (of 2,012 miles) remains a possibility weather permitting. Today I moved on to 1,831 miles for the year - just 181 to go in the remaining 8 weeks. That should be easy unless the weather decides differently and I have to miss out on a few weeks, fingers crossed that does't happen.

I have acquired another bike since I last blogged. This is the definitely the last bike for some considerable time. 
A fine machine made from Carbon Fibre and sporting 22 Campagnolo gears - even gets an old bugger like me up the hills quicker. Only bought it as it was such a bargain (aren't they all ?) I really do need to sell one of my bikes now though as I have 3 in the garage and one in the shed.

Talking of bikes I found some old photos relating to my cycling history - reproduced here for nostalgia (and to give Ken a good old laugh)

Me with my first 'proper racing bike' - I recall wanting a racing bike for what seemed like forever, then one Saturday dad said "come on we're off out" - we got on the bus and went up to the Old Normanton Army Barracks on the corner of Sinfin Lane and Osmaston Road. On the other side of the ring road was a bike shop called Burleys. We got off the bus and dad took me into the shop - to return with this speed machine. I had to ride it all the way home down SInfin Lane, which was a busy road at tea-time. Somehow I managed to get home in one piece (probably due to my 'go faster tracksuit top - complete with collared shirt underneath. We fitted a 'computer' to it to measure the distance rode. When I say computer, this was June 12th 1976 (now THAT was a Summer)  - the cyclometer consisted of a little plastic box with a window that fitted to the front fork. The distance was recorded by a metal pin attached to a spoke that turned a small plastic wheel which in turn moved the numbers in the little window. You had to buy the one that matched the size of the wheel otherwise the distances were all wrong. I rode that bike for hours that day (even though I didn't get it until tea time) and clocked up 18 miles riding round the estate until dark. Not sure how accurate that was - probably only about 10 miles in real distance.

A quick Google and I found a couple of pictures of what I am trying to describe:
And this is what it looks like fitted to the bike
How technical is that ? How could it be anything but 100% accurate...

The next snap shows me a few years later with my Peugeot Equipe bike, stood outside our house in Kestrels Croft
The tracksuit has long gone by this stage, replaced by a moustache and a hint of a mullet haircut. I rode this bike for miles and miles around the Sinfin, Barrow on Trent, Findern, Newton Solney, as far as Stapenhill and back some days. I rode into Leicestershire through the country lanes of Melbourne - that bike served me well, even though I cannot remember taking the chain off it once, or replacing any parts. I can't remember what happened to it but it must have been sold as it never seemed to have anything wrong (can't even remember a puncture).

Moving on here's a shot of me 'in action' riding one of my mountain bikes which we used for our longer day rides back then.
This must have been uphill unless I was just posing for the camera (surely not !!). I still have the same shoes and was using them up until I recently switched to clip less pedals. They really don't make them like that anymore. I think this was my Diamond Back bike - again long gone to be replaced buy the GIANT one I have gathering dust in the shed.

The next photo shows me and my cycling buddy Dave Upton after we did 100 miles in a day. I remember we rode to Cannock Chase and back - with quite a few detours on the way to make up the miles. 
As you can see I was the original Ned Flanders (look him up if you don't know who he is - indeedly doodle). I also still have the Carrera shirt I was wearing but it must have shrunk over the years in the wardrobe as it is a little on the tight side these days. Had to buy a larger one to allow for that shrinkage in years to come. Dave is sporting his Banesto shirt made famous by Big Mig (Miguel Indurain - again look him up if you don't know).

Well thats it for my trip down cycling memory lane - hope you enjoyed it. More rubbish will be posted here in the future - whether distant or not remains to be seen...

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  1. Worth waiting for Tim! I enjoyed reading that. (and the pictures - you're a braver man than me!)

    Reminds me of my first bike - similar story - Mum & Dad ordered it from the local bike store at Firth Park and I rode it home when we went to collect it. I was 12 I think (I know, I know, probably before you were born hahaha)

    It was a Dawes drop handelbar sports bike with 8 gears. My pride and joy! (AND I had one of those odometer thingys too!)