Sunday, 25 November 2012

Five weeks to go

Yep just about five weeks of the year left - five weeks to knock off the remaining 80.78 miles so that I can say I finally reached the target of 2012 miles. We're off work this coming week so I plan to get in a 20 - 25 mile ride.

Today I bought a pair of Look Easy Keo pedals for the new bike meaning I am using proper 'road peadals' rather than the MTB clipless ones that I had been using. Got them from a guy in Mickleover who had previously listed them on EBay but I didn't get a bid in as we were going to Decathlon on Friday and thought I might get a pair from there. As it turned out the ones at Decathlon were £30 so I decided it was worth an email to the seller as they had received no bids before the auction ended.

He was vey amenable and sold them to me for £20 (including cleats). He had wanted £5 postage but he kindly left them at Kedleston Golf Club for me to pick up as we were at the Christmas Craft Fair at Kedleston Hall next door this morning. The Golf Course was closed when we got there due to the recent wet and windy weather - thankfully the club shop was still open and I got the package and left the money - jobs a good 'un. Put them on the bike when I got back - ready for a ride this week, weather permitting.

Thought it was about time I posted a few snaps of the new bike. Took these the other week

To anyone not really into bikes these probably won't mean a lot but this Carbon frame is a stunning piece of kit which is suitable to race on (clearly not with me sitting on the saddle).

It makes a heck of a difference to be on a carbon framed machine - I would love to have a go on Bradley Wiggins Pinarello - now THAT would be an experience.

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