Friday, 28 December 2012

End of a cycling year

Having previously clocked up the target of 2012 miles I felt it was important to add the extra miles to my Garmin 105 GPS watch, so that the target  shows up on the PC when you look at it - a tad unnecessary I know but thats the way I am.
What it means in real terms is that the final year total is 2032 miles - which includes the extra miles completed using the cycle computer rather than the Garmin.
When I log on to the software and click on the tab foe 2012 this is what I see:

This shows 2,016 miles, 133h 49m 28s of riding time at an average of 15.1 mph. A maximum speed of 37.6 mph (60.5 kph - the sort of speed that the professional peleton races at for long periods on the flat  - I was going down a steep hill for a matter of seconds !).

Targets for next year ? I'm not setting any - I have decided that I am going to cycle for the enjoyment of doing it next year rather than trying to reach a target - riding with my head down all the time, watching the clock rather than enjoying the fact that I'm out in the open air surrounded (mostly) by the Derbyshire countryside.

Apart from the cycling year coming to an end - the Christmas period is also coming to an end - just New Year to get past and we're officially into 2013.

Had a good Christmas - added a nice iPad 2 to my collection, a cracking piece of kit which will get lots of use I'm sure.

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