Friday, 7 December 2012

Thats That Then

December 7th 2012 - the day I reached my target. A 23 mile ride today took me past the 2,012 miles I set as my aim for this year. The screenshot of the spreadsheet below shows the breakdown of how I achieved it
As you can see the first two months of the year saw me clock up just over 100 miles - March was a good month thanks to a spell of good weather when I was out cycling on consecutive Thursdays in 20+ degrees. April saw me back down to just over 100 miles, then May through September averaged over 200 (although March remained the highest total mileage at 222.88 - and also the longest single ride at 40 miles).

With three weeks left and a total standing at 2013.02 it remains to be seen what the final number will be although a forecast of snow for next week may mean that not too many more miles will be added in the next three weeks.

In the meantime I have a very dirty bike that needs a clean - looks like a job for tomorrow morning before the match against Brigg in the afternoon (weather permitting).

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