Monday, 3 December 2012

Four weeks today

Thats right four weeks today will be the 31st December 2012. That means there are just 28 days to reach the cycling target of 2012 miles. 

We have been off work of the past week - but it's back to the grind tomorrow :-(

As we didn't have anything planned due to the floods all over the country (we did think about going to York for the day until we saw the main streets under 3-4 feet of water earlier int he week). we had lots of time to drink coffee, do some Christmas shopping and get in a few miles on the bike.

Last week I did a couple of 21 mile rides and today I added another 16 to the total. As things stand I have a total of 1,989.71 - ok so do the maths and you get 22.3 remaining miles. I can knock that off in one ride of about 90 minutes although the cold temperatures of late mean it'll probably be completed over a couple of easy hour rides.
As I arrived back from todays ride (partly wet and mostly windy) I saw a Rainbow across the fields towards Crich.
I took a snap with the camera phone - not a great quality photo but I'm sure you get the idea.

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