Sunday, 4 March 2012

ANOTHER win ! Whatever next ? The Play Offs ?

Yesterday saw another great first half performance with a less so second but still we held on to win 3-2 against a Market Drayton Town side that was on a decent run of form themselves.
2-0 up at the break, Belper let MDT get a goal back, then Froggy made it 3-1. MDT scored in the 90th minute and then we hung on to record the 7th win in the last 9 games. The play offs are not beyond reason but the current wins are going o have to continue for a bit longer yet if that is to happen.
Froggy celebrates goal number 23 of the season
The rest of the match photos are here: Belper v MDT Photos

On the way into the ground it appears we have a new sign to show any visiting ghosts where they need to park their vehicles

No midweek game this week so the players can rest for next weeks visit from Kidsgrove Athletic - going to be an interesting end to the season after all.

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