Friday, 2 March 2012

Not More Sunset Photos !!

Well yes but as part of an experiment. How quickly does the sun set ? Can you really see the sunset ? The answers are quickly and yes.
The following nine photos were taken over a period of just four and a half minutes at approximately 30 second intervals (if you check the exif data you'll see the time - although they will say 18:33 etc rather than 17:33 as I never altered the time on the camera last October and it's not worth doing now as the clocks change again in about 4 weeks).

And there you have it.

Today we went to Decathlon and I finally gave in and bought some new cycling shoes and a set of clip less pedals - watch this space for the upcoming traumas of getting used to them (I've been here before !!)

Did a 10 mile ride today (with the old pedals still in situ) - 40m 10s Funny how you always feel you should have gone a little quicker to get under the whole number, in this case the 40 minute mark.

Got my new glasses (with the amended lenses in) but the cycling ones are still wrong. The lenses have to be changed due to the close fitting of the frames - they didn't think to take that into consideration at the time. So thats another week to wait, oh well worse things happen at sea as they say (but that serves them right for booking a Costa cruise !!)

Market Drayton Town tomorrow - should be another win but as we know things don't always work out that way although it;s hard to see anyone holding out Belper on recent form (except for the 2nd half against Dynamo).

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