Thursday, 1 March 2012

Does the Camera Lie ?

They say the camera never lies...well thats probably true but it can be persuaded not to tell the whole truth. The sun was just setting over the horizon this evening, so I grabbed the camera and fired off some shots. The first one I took wasn't brilliant so I decided to switch to manual setting. I dialled in 1/250 @ F8 ISO 200. Focused on the houses on the horizon and got this one.

Quite pleased with that one. 

Especially when you consider that the view from the bedroom window ACTUALLY looked like this (taken at 1/80 F4 ISO 200

Now tell me the camera doesn't lie ;-)

Football on Tuesday night was almost a repeat of Saturday. Belper took a 3-0 lead but they eased off and let Loughborough win the 2nd half 1-0.
Thats 6 points in 4 days and the fas are talking about play offs again... if we make the play offs then I'll miss the semi final as we're seeing Jethro Tull that night at the Assembly Rooms in Derby.
Froggy fires in number 21 for the season
Rest of the match photos are here; Belper v Loughborough Dynamo Photos

Today I had a day off work (using up the days before the end of March that I had saved as 'snow days'). Took the Pinarello out for it's first ride (other than up and down the close). What a fantastic machine, so much lighter than the Boardman and being brand new everything runs so smoothly on it.
Went out to Allestree, then Little eaton then took a detour past Horsley Lodge and back through Horsley Woodhouse, Denby and back via Heage. The total mileage at that stage was 22 so I did a loop of Far Laund, back into Heage, and a couple of loops of the estate to make a total of 30 miles in 2h 04m. That must be the first time I've cycled 30 miles in about 20 years.
After that I did 2 hours gardening, then we went shopping - I reckon it's easier to go to work (although not half as much fun !)

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