Friday, 10 February 2012

Another Footballess Saturday

At least Hucknall had the decency to call the game off today rather than go through the farce of waiting until mid morning tomorrow. No way was there going to be a game tomorrow thanks to a bit more snow yesterday (on top of what we still have from last time) along with the forecast of -5 tonight. It's not quite 5pm now and already the thermometer is showing -0.5 outside.
Last night I had to resort to the turbo trainer due to the cold weather - interesting comparison with 'proper riding'. Was clocking up 2 minute miles rather than the 4 on the road and clocking times speeds of 30+
5 miles in 12m 45s is twice the road speed, a bit like time training. Makes you sweat a bit though as theres no wind to cool you down and no 'downhills' to free wheel on.
This morning we had a trip to the Opticians - over £500 for four pair of glasses (and two pair were supposed to be free ! - although the other opticians we went to quoted me £465 plus frames for one pair !). I chose a pair of wraparound sunglasses with reaction lenses as my second pair that I can use for cycling in the summer.
Talking of cycling - despite the snow still being around the main roads are quite clear so I went out and did 10.25 miles this afternoon. It was just above freezing when I started and just below when I finished. Best to be sensible and not take any risks in this weather, one crash and I could be off the bike for weeks just as the better weather starts to arrive (hopefully).
Plenty of snow around but clear roads

Theres snow on them there hills

Cat prints in the snow
Tomorrow I'll probably set abut changing things over on my bikes - pedals mudguards etc so that I can use the Boardman for the Winter rides although the tyres are a lot smoother than they are on the Peugeot so I may swap them over too (which will be a fun job !!)

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