Sunday, 5 February 2012

New and Old Photos

The snow was still here today although thankfully no more added to it. We cleared the drive this morning to ensure we could get off it in the morning to go to work.
This afternoon we walked over to Andys to drop some photos of his new grand daughter. The original plan was to go and watch the Derby v Forest match on TV but it was called off this morning due to the snow (although the pitch was ok the roads were not good enough to allow the Forest fans to travel the 14 miles down the A52 apparently - although the game between Newcastle & Villa and Chelsea & Man Utd went ahead without a problem - how did that happen ?)
Before setting off for Andys I got out my old Ixus 800si out of the drawer and found that the memory card had photos going back to 2009. So as a special treat I've decided to add a few to the blog. Bit of a mixed bag these.
Lottie decides snow is not for her

View from my office window this morning

A visitor takes refuge on the bird table today

Mike shows off his new snow shovel

Wood and Rust at Bridlington

View along Whitby beach to Sandsend

Whitby Beach


Reflection in a Newcastle office window

Lone fisherman at Scarborough

Whitby Abbey

Beach Huts at Whitby

Street entertainer in York

I can't remember where this was - somewhere in Yorkshire

View across the allotments today

View down Mill Street - not a day for cycling up it

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