Sunday, 26 February 2012

What A Difference a Week Makes

Anyone who travelled to Leek wouldn't have been able to recognise the team that won 3-0 in comparison with the lucky 2-1 home win lat week against bottom side Quorn.
Right from the get go Belper looked the better side yesterday and took the game to Leek. A Mark Ward Header and a Glyn Cotton volley from 25+ yards saw the Nailers 2-0 up after 26 minutes, then the referee decided to get involved and sent off Chris Adam & Ant Danylyk for nothing more than a scuffle. Thankfully this didn't ruin the game and Belper went on to win 3-0 at a stroll. The pitch was awful and it may have been that both sides would have played better on pitch something close to flat - which this wasn't.

So thats another three points and another goal for Jon Froggatt, his 20th of this season and his 50th in the past two seasons for Belper. Imagine how many he could have got playing in a good side (which we haven't been for most of the past two seasons - small runs excepted) ?
Thats Froggys 20th of the season hits the net
The rest of the photos are here: Leek v Belper Photos

Cycling this week was retracted to just two outings on Tuesday and Friday. Tuesday was the usual 10 miles  although with the evenings getting lighter I may be able to return to doing the Heage run in the not-too-distant future. Friday I decided that I would try something different. I started off with the ride into Allesttree and back to the Little Chef at Little Eaton but instead of going back through the village and onto Eaton Bank I stayed on the road back to Kilburn, carried on to Street Lane at Denby and back through Heage. Street Lane is a long uphill drag but nothing like as though as Mill Street, Chesterfield Road. It also makes it a 20 mile round trip so that is definitely one for the itinerary. Total time for the ride was 1h 19m 00s at an average of 15.2 mph. Ok so Mark Cavendish et al won't be worried by that time but it is the joint second fastest average since I started and both of those times were over lesser distances (12.5 & 8 miles). Perhaps there is a sign that fitness is improving, oh yes and It was windy so there are improvements to be made - watch this space.
Total riding mies since returning to the bike is 794.17 with this years total now standing at 213.66.

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