Sunday, 12 February 2012

Snow Go

Looks like the snow is finally on it's way, with temps up to 5.6 today there are signs of the grass re appearing at the front of the house. Temperatures are definitely on the rise although a trip round the corner on my bike this morning to pick up some cable ties proved that looks can be deceiving. My hands were frozen by the time I arrived !
Yesterday was a rideless but not bikeless day. I spent a couple of hours changing over the equipment from my Peugeot to my Boardman. Tyres were swapped over, Garmin sensor swapped, and the mudguards changed. The mudguards were a real pain. They went on the Peugeot no problem but the Boardman was a different kettle of fish altogether. Still not sure they are not going to start rubbing but tomorrow should tell.
When we arrived at Ashbourne yesterday there was a blackbird sat in the tree by the drive - managed a shot of him with the ixus before he flew off. Not quite up to Nortoners Robin photo standard but not bad for a snapshot.
Had another look through the photos on the card in the ixus and therefore I offer you these
Artist on Whitby beach

Sunworshippers at Whitby

Wind Turbines near Bridlington

Cromford Canal

Old Railway coach

Cromford Canal

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  1. Like the shot of the blackbird Tim! (Didn't know you had an ixus tho? Or did I forget?)