Sunday, 19 February 2012

Footballs Back ! - Yawn

The football is back but not as we know it ! Yesterdays home match against bottom of the table Quorn was a very poor game of football, from both sides. Belper took the lead with a penalty from Jon Froggatt, his 19th of the season (to add to the 30 he got last season)
Froggy Slides home the opener from the spot

On chances Belper just about deserved it but a draw seemed the mostly likely result until Chris Adam fired in an added on time winner.
Chris Adam fires in the late winner

The strong wind probably had the biggest impact on the football although it looked as though both sides had forgotten how to play the game during the recent break for bad weather. Quorn had lost their last two games 3-5 and 0-8 so anything other than a home win would have been acceptable despite the manager saying Quorn shouldn't be underestimated.
The match photos are here: Belper v Quorn

My favourite snap of the day was this one of a cloud appearing over the horizon

My one and only reader did me a big favour by picking up a bundle of Cycling magazines that I won on ebay. He kindly presented me with an invoice from 'Norton Couriers Inc. of Sheffield.
I do have a few queries against the cost of £87.00, namely:

Payment for cycling magazines purchased via ebay - £5. I'm ok with that one

First Monthly instalment of "Don't tell Sally" fee £10 - thats out as soon as she saw me arrive home with 4 carrier bag full of magazines so we can knock that off straight away.
Delivery to Belper & return to Sheffield, 65 miles at 50p a mile £32.50. Well I know for a fact he was coming to the match anyway and he has admitted that he only lives 1.5 miles away from the address, so thats 3 miles at 50p per mile = £1.50

Unpaid wager (Failure to arrive for agreed race up Mill Street) £5 - I think you'll find it was Ken who didn't turn up due to 'a puncture' so he owes me the £5.

Compensation for pain and suffering caused by character abuse via text messages £20 - again thats a case of pots and kettles. Only Friday night he called me a 'pillock' via text so that can go as well.

VAT @ 20% 14.50 - I think we'll reduce that by a few pounds

So lets see where we are then. 

Magazines £5
Mileage £1.50

Total £6.50
20% VAT = £1.20

Total £7.20

Now as I recall I actually gave him £10, plus I paid for his Goalden Goal Tickets (£2) and got him a programme (£1.50) total £13.50

So by my reckoning HE owes ME £6.30 tha nose !

Managed to fit in three rides this week, a couple of tens on Monday & Wednesday and another 16.4 on Friday in the drizzle. The front mudguard came loose during the Wednesday ride just as I came down Whitemore Lane so I diverted home unfastened it and finished the ride. Tried to put it back quickly on Friday before going out but it kept rubbing so I took it off. The result of this was a very dirty bike that I have just spent 1 1/2 hours cleaning before settling down to watch Stevenage take on Spurs in the FA Cup on ITV.


  1. *sigh* - Sorry but I'm gonna have to send the boys round after all.

  2. Thank goodness for that - I thought you were going to send the Duchess !

  3. Thats a grand idea.... Be afraid. Be VERY afraid