Monday, 8 August 2011

Back on the Bike

Monday again and back at work. Not too bad a day really, probably down to the boss being off on a two week cruise ! 
As it's Monday thats exercise day too. A quick blast round on the bike - well I say a quick blast, due to the wind it was a hard slog at times. I covered the 7.46 mile hilly course in 39 minutes which I was pleased with, especially considering I'm still riding the iron horse (see photo). Of course it's not the heaviest bike in the world -  it just feels like it when i'm going up hill.

I have a couple of old Carrera cycling shirts which I've had for a number of years, one short sleeved and one long. Due to the wind I had to resort to long sleeves for the first time today although as I cycled up the hill from Heage back into Belper I had to roll the sleeves up as the temperature increased. For me there has never been a better cycling shirt than the Carrera one. Cycling greats like Stephen Roche and Marco Pantani raced in the colours of the Carrera Jeans sponsored team in epic races like the Giro D'Italia and the Tour De France. 
I am currently reading 'The Death of Marco Pantani' which as you've probably guessed already is not a comedy. I've also read 'It's not about the Bike' by Lance Armstrong and 'Rough Ride' by Paul Kimmage.

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