Thursday, 18 August 2011

Something Else I Forgot to Tell You

Last Friday we were in Belper town. After a spot of lunch we had a stroll up to the new OXFAM book and CD store that opened recently. We got as far as the Ritz Cinema at the top of King Street (a fantastic little cinema that was refurbed a few years back but retained it's 'olde worlde' charm, something that has long been lost with the onset of the multi-screens. Here is the Cinema in 1952 The Ritz 1952
I digress, we got to the cinema and outside was a mass of people. It soon became clear that there was some sort of filming going on - and not amateur by the look of the equipment. I took a snapshot on my phone but can't get it off at the moment to post here so bear with. We headed in to the OXFAM shop and overheard a conversation. The lady behind the counter had some sort of press release that had been given to the shopkeepers advising that they were filming a new Steve Coogan series called 'Starlings'. It's a new sit-com about a working class family who live in Matlock. We thought it would be good to see Belper and Matlock on the TV but according to tonights Derby Telegraph the show will appear on SKY 1 next August, so no chance of watching that then.

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