Monday, 29 August 2011

A Wet Start

Day one of our three day Bank Holiday trip to Marton in Yorkshire began under grey skies and more or less carried on in the same vein – well it actually got worse s the day went on. As we couldn’t get into the cottage before 2pm we decided to head straight to Scarborough, leaving Belper at about 10 minutes past 8 we made good progress (apart from one delay behind a tractor loaded incredibly high with straw bales) and arrived at 10:30 in the heaviest rain that we’ve seen in a very long time. On the way in we passed the former football ground of Scarborough Athletic which is in a sorry state. We both recalled visiting the ground a few years back for a league match – now they are back in the Northern Counties League (1 below Belper) and ground sharing at Bridlington Town.
On arrival at the town centre the rain was bouncing off the car park tarmac as we sat and considered how to get the umbrellas out of the boot and dash to the shopping centre without one or other of us actually drowning !
As we were both feeling peckish we headed straight to Costa for a Latte and a Muffin. As we drank we watched the umbrellas and rain coats passing down the main shopping street in Scarborough – we’ve lost count of the times we’ve sat in that Costa but never with the rain lashing down outside.
By the time we got outside again it had almost stopped so we decided to move the car down to the Spa car park and walk along the sea front. Due to the amount of rain the pay meter was out of action so we ended up with about three hours of free parking – which was nice. We managed to get a walk to the pier and back as far as the Italian restaurant ASK before the rain returned with a vengeance. It was so bad we had to buy a cheap umbrella to get back to the car without ending up soaked (Sally had decided she didn’t want to carry our umbrella round so left it in the boot). We set the sat nav for Marton and headed out of Scarborough – about three miles from Marton we turned off the main road onto a country lane which was doing a very good impression of a swimming pool. 
We aquaplaned our way down towards the lovely little village of Marton (1 of about 20 places of that name – including two in Yorkshire). The village appears to be split in two by a river, the section we are in has about 20 houses dating back to the 18th century. Our cottage is called Brookfield and is beautiful little one bedroomed place.
As I type this at approximately 8:20pm it is still raining with a forecast for more showers tomorrow. We’ll probably take a ride over to Whitby tomorrow.
The Nailers are at Romulus so hopefully I’ll be able to get updates from someone at the match. No WiFi available here so no chance of getting information from the net.

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