Saturday, 20 August 2011

Big Day Today

League leaders Rainworth (pronounced Ren-ath for some unknown reason) are in town. They have Joe Carter at full back so that adds a bit of spice to the game as Joe had a few weeks with Belper in pre season and is of course an ex-nailer, man and boy.
Before the game it's time for the Team Photo session which usually turns out to be about as much hard work as photographing a wedding - imagine about 20 testerone filled lads being asked to sit up straight and smile - it ain't gonna happen easily.
Update on these two events later.
Yesterday we went to the memorial Arboretum in Alrewas. We've been there a couple of times before but not for a while. Lovely day, nice and warm and not too many people about. Took the Olympus Pen and snapped a few shots, here are a couple of examples - s few more can be seen on the Flickr site.
It's an amazing place - anyone who hasn't been must pay a visit at some point in their lives - it shows the sacrifices that men and women have made (and are still making) over the years in the name of serving their country. A country that seems hell bent on destroying itself by means other than that of sending people off to war (although of course we are still doing that as well).
In the evening we went to the Yeaveley Arms for a lovely meal with two old friends Jan & Steve. I say old friends, they're not really old but we've known them for a long time (which by definition probably makes them old as well.
Between the visit to Alrewas and the meal I went out on the Old Iron Horse. Cycled to Little Eaton, back through the village onto the A6 and back through Duffield & Milford. It went well until the last 2 miles from the Morrisons island, which is up hill for the first mile or so. Just about made it to the top and eased home in a time of 49 minutes for the 12.5 miles. Quite pleased with that although the legs are a bit still this morning - definitely need to get a lighter bike for next year, better start saving up ! I'll update the outcome of the match later today or tomorrow.

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