Monday, 22 August 2011

Lovely day

Scary Tree
A lovely Sunday yesterday - very hot so we decided to take a drive to Darley Park. To be perfectly honest there isn't too much there other than lots and lots of grass (not really surprising for a park I guess but you probably know what I mean). Started with an ice cream then a 5km walk around the cricket pitch, down by the river, round by the football pitches and back through Darley Abbey. I saw an interesting sign on the side of a house in Darley Abbey, stating that 'Stone throwing will be severely dealt with" makes you wonder what they did to those people who were caught in the act. Here are a couple more snaps I took on the walk, a scary looking tree (which has been Photoshopped) and a view of the Mills at Darley Abbey taken from Darley Abbey itself (also photoshopped somewhat). 
Darley Abbey Mills
Back on the bike today - and back to the original 7.5 mile circuit.  I wasn't really in the mood for it before setting off but eventually got into a rhythm and completed the circuit in 31.37 (which included a couple of delays behind cars which amounted to approx 30 seconds so it would have been down around the 31 minute mark without these). No long ride this week as we're off to Yorkshire for a few nights so might have to do a few extra miles on Wednesday night.
Tomorrow night the Nailers are at Lincoln United but have decided against the trip as it would involve a rush home from work, out again at 5:45, home at about 11pm and then up again at 5:50am for work. Maybe i'm just getting too old for this game !

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