Tuesday, 30 August 2011

Didn't I Tell You ?

Well I said I had a feeling that the Nailers would beat Ilkeston and thats exactly what happened Having said that we could have been 4-2 down at half-time so a 3-1 win didn't tell the full story but as they say the record books will show that we won 3-1 and we also got the three points to prove it.
To add to that I won £25 on the Goalden Goal, ironically for the Ilkeston goal that was scored by Gary Ricketts in the 21st minute - all in all quite a good afternoon - well if you ignore the Autumnal weather in August that is.
Favourite photo from the day - Lee Morris celebrates his second goal of the day. The despair of the Ilson defenders combined with the joy of Lee & the Belper Town fan makes for  a good composition. Other photos from the game are here: Belper 3 Ilkeston FC 1
Back on the bike today - just a quick 4.5 mile whizz round after tea. Got my eye on a Carrera Winter jacket on EBay - might treat myself for my birthday tomorrow - assuming I can win the auction of course as there is no buy it now price. Also I need to start thinking about getting some lights for the bike as the nights are already drawing in. 
I'm looking at buying a new bike next Spring - got my eye on a bike from Decathlon - a Triban 3 currently £299. Have a look here Triban 3 shame it only comes in red, of course I would have preferred a yellow and black one - up the Nailers !

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