Friday, 14 October 2011

20 Miles

Another lovely day weatherwise - sunny most of the time and although there was a cool wind it was a very pleasant to be out on the bike this afternoon.
As posted yesterday I set out to complete 20 miles. Having cycled out to Little Eaton via Holbrook, and back via the Chevin I was still only at about 12 miles. A detour up the A6 back up Cemetery Road, Chesterfield Road, along Far Laund and into Heage via Jacksons Lane. Back onto Far Laund and twice round the block took me to 20 miles. Timing was 1hr 21mins which I was pleased with although it was very tiring (or is it just a sign that I'm not as fit as I try to kid myself that I am).
This morning I was sat in my study, I looked out of the window and saw a hot air balloon heading over Far Laund. 
I grabbed the camera - as per usual no memory card in it and the wrong lens attached - after a quick change I snapped a few shots as the balloon headed over the trees. I was especially pleased to catch the burners in full flow.
Tomorrow we"re off to Brigg Town, a 150 mile round trip - lets hope the trip is worth it with another win to add to the 4 consecutive ones we already have.

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