Sunday, 9 October 2011

Boring football....

They have lots of excitement at Carlton, some they want and some they definitely don't. Firstly there was a small doubt that the FA trophy game would go ahead yesterday due to an Arson attack on the turnstile at the ground.
Turnstile damage after arson attack
It was halted less than 10 yards from the Social Club by two fire crews in the early hours of Friday morning. Thankfully, in typical non-league lets all pull together spirit, they managed to get the power sorted and the game went ahead as planned.
On the field the action was every bit as exciting as Belper came back 4 times from a goal down to not only equalise but eventually score the winner in a 5-4 thriller. In the three games we have played at Carlton in the past 2 weeks there have been no less than 20 goals (3-2, 4-2 and now 5-4). Photos from the game are here: Carlton v Belper photos
Colin Marrison celebrates scoring the winning goal
This is Belpers first win in the FA Trophy since they beat Rossendale 3-0 back in 2004. It's also our fourth win on the bounce - spirits are definitely up amongst the Nailers fans.
Talking of change, what a change in the weather too. Last week at Rainworth we were basking in temperatures in the high 20's, just 7 days later we struggled to reach 12 in a mizzle. The football warmed us up though so no complaints really. Our next round opponents are a team called Barton Rovers (which sounds like s team from a boys football comic from days gone by. I wouldn't be surprised to see they are managed by Roy Race (anyone under about 40 won't have a clue who Roy Race is, or Melchester Rovers come to that so get Googling).
It's always good to visit a new ground but this one is 102 miles away in Bedfordshire !! Looks like a four hour round trip but at least we will travel with expectation on current form, unlike the FA Cup and that trip to Market Deeping. No midweek game as it was kept clear for a possible replay so our next game is a longish trip to Brigg Town next Saturday.

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