Thursday, 13 October 2011

New Gear, Old Gloves

Cycling first. Monday I went on the Peugeot as it was a miserable night with drizzle turning to light rain. The mudguards hadn’t arrived so I had to put up with a wet ride of 7.5 miles. Already the 525 feels heavy compared with the Boardman. Funny that because before I got the new bike I remember being surprised how light it felt. 31m 31s for the 7.5 miles at an average of 14.3 mph.
Wednesday it was back on the Boardman and an 8 mile ride completed in 31m 19s. That makes for an average speed of 15.3 which equates to the fastest ride since I dusted off the bikes and returned to the saddle on July 15th (that 3 months have just flown by). Looking back the first ride was 2.13 miles at an average speed of 12.8 mph. Since then I’ve clocked up 310 miles.
Staying on the subject of cycling I purchased some 'retro gloves' from ebay. Used them for the first time yesterday - really comfortable and so much more substantial than the modern day lycra gloves, it also means I can get a 'proper cyclists' tan through the holes in the back come next summer !
Today (Thursday) we had a days annual leave to make up for having to go in on the Monday we were off two weeks ago. Went to Decathlon to buy a few more bike bits, a bag for under the saddle of the Boardman to put spare tube, tyre levers and multi-tool in. Two extra rear lights and a spare mini pump.
After that we went to Shipley Country park for a stroll round. Took the Olympus and grabbed a few shots.

Tomorrow we are meeting up with an old work colleague who has been retired since January this year. After that hopefully the long bike ride of the week. I can't decide at the minute where to go but I aim to try and clock up 20 miles.

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