Friday, 7 October 2011

Out on the Bike

Busy day today - Dentist this morning, hair cut this afternoon and a bike ride in between - ok so not that busy really. Thankfully nothing to be done dental wise, the haircut passed without any great problems which just leaves the bike ride. Due to having a 'man cold' I missed out on my normal Wednesday evening ride so today was only my second ride since Thursday last week. It was also my second outing on the new boardrman bike (third if you count one trip round the block last Sunday). Each time I ride this bike I love it more than the time before. It is really smooth and extremely light - it's just the heavy old fellow on the saddle that slows things down. Having said that I find getting back up from the A6 to Far Laund is getting easier (although from from 'easy' as yet).
On the football front Belper are at, yes you've guessed it, Carlton Town tomorrow, I think we can just about remember the way, as it's our third trip in two weeks. This time it's the FA Trophy, a competition we traditionally do very poorly in, usually going out at the first stage. Having said that there is a chance that the game may not even happen as someone appears to have set fire to the Carlton turnstile block. I would think the game will go ahead as there are alternatives to getting in and the club house, changing rooms etc are unaffected. Read the story here: Carlton Fire
We will see what the morning brings - otherwise it's a day off from football - and possibly another bike ride.

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