Wednesday, 5 October 2011

Onwards and Upwards

Another game, another win. For a change we had a home game last night against a Goole side that had won their last five games on the bounce. A screaming free kick from Froggy right on half time gave Belper the lead. A second half strike from Colin Marrison sealed the points as Belper never really gave Goole a sniff of a draw.
Photos are here: Belper v Goole the aforementioned free kick is here:
I snapped three shots of this goal, this being the third of that sequence. This was Jons 6th goal in three games - he's well on the way to getting another 30 goals this season.
I also spotted a shot of the moon over the big tree in the corner of the ground
Not brilliant but I liked it.
On the cycling front I took the new bike round the block on Sunday morning to see how it went up Kilburn Road - even with me on it the thing flys. Monday I took it around my 7.45 mile circuit in very blustery winds. Got back in 30:02 just about 5 seconds slower than my fastest time around the same circuit. I can only imagine what sort of time I could do on a calm day (probably about 5 seconds better than my best time !!)
I have decided to use my Peugeot as a Winter bike , which means adding some mud guards. Trouble is there are no mudguard lugs. A quick search of the internet revealed some lightweight guards designed specially for those bikes without fastenings Mr Crud Road Racing Mudguards they got a mixed review, from very good to very bad but the majority thought they were worth the money, so we will see when they arrive.
Thats it for now - next up another trip to Carlton.

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