Sunday, 23 October 2011

Seven on the bounce now

It was a long trip and from a football point of view it was an awful game to watch - the result however made it all worth it. Another win saw Belper through to the next round of the FA Trophy - the draw being made tomorrow presumably. 
A cracking little set up at Barton Le Clay (once we found the ground - well we found it but couldn't get in due to a large barrier across the road. It turns out we had found the 'old' entrance to the ground). They even had an electronic scoreboard (previously located at Luton Town) even if it was missing a digit off the timer. This meant that we were a bit baffled to see the number '4' at the bottom of the screen, until we realised that it was the 4 of 45. At the start of the game it changed to 0 then 1 then 2 as it counted up the minutes - sort of. So we knew we had played twenty something minutes but not exactly how many. What we did know is that a Jon Froggatt goal after 36 minutes was enough to beat Barton on a rough pitch with quite a slope into one corner. Belper played down the slope first half but the pitch stopped us playing the passing football we showed at Sheffield in the first half on Tuesday. The second half was a really poor affair from both sides but at the final whistle the scoreboard read Barton 0 Belper 1 and we headed back up the M1 to dear old Belper, wondering who we would get in the next round, and knowing that the performance would have to be better whoever it was. Talk in the car on the 102 mile return trip was mostly of why we had played so poorly and the consensus was the poor pitch and the opponents dragged us down to their level. The match photos are here: Barton v Belper Photos
This morning (Sunday) as I was sorting the photos from yesterdays game our cat decided that she would look better on my office chair than I did. She waited until I vacated it and then took up residence.
It's a hard life being a cat isn't it ?
Next up, yet another away trip to Loughborough Dynamo on Tuesday evening. 8 wins on the bounce ? Last time we did that was 1979/80 and that season ended up with the Championship coming to Belper for the last time.

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