Sunday, 18 September 2011

Another Saturday, Another Defeat

As expected we came back from Sutton Coldfield with nothing to show. Admittedly the performance was much improved from last week although as Dave Laughlin said it would have be hard to be worse. Belper had a spell at the start of the second half (with the score at 0-0) when they could have taken the lead but after a point blank save by the keeper from new boy Jaylee Hodgson, Sutton went to the other end and scored with a superb lob (although the lad was offside when he had the ball played through to him).
A second goal killed the game and left Belper looking up the table from 17th place. Not sure how much longer the club can carry on with this level of performance. New players in every week, it's like watching last season all lover again.
The weather in the West Midlands was pretty mixed. We drove there through a mixture of sunshine and heavy showers and that pattern continued throughout the afternoon, including a few minute of very loud thunder and a couple of lightning flashes.
Photo from the game can be seen here: Sutton Coldfield Photos
Out next game is not until next Saturday when we travel to Carlton Town. We then play them twice more in the following two weeks, once in the League Cup and then again in the FA Trophy - all away from home. By the middle of October we should know our way to Carltons ground (like we don't already).

The other day I was thinking back to some of the old bikes I have previously owned. One that springs to mind was  a Peugeot Equipe which I bought from Halfords quite a few years back. I decided to do a search on the internet to see if I could locate a photo as I don't know where my old ones are (somewhere in the loft). I found this one which brought back some great memories (thanks to the person who posted it in the first place hope you don't mind me borrowing it for this blog). I cycled many a mile on this bike when we lived at Sinfin Moor. I can only think that this is why I invested in my current Peugeot 525 bike. Now if only I could find a photo of my very first 'grown up' bike which as I recall was a yellow Allegro brought from the bike shop on Balaclava Road (now a Polish supermarket).
This afternoon we made a trip to the two Halfords stores in Derby to buy (yet another) cycle pump and to look at the Boardman bikes. The Boardman Road bike is a nice looking thing but at £649 it is more than I wanted to spend. They do have a Carrera Vanquish which is £550 with 20% off until tomorrow. At £440 that was a better price but it meant buying it today to get it at that price. Might have to have a look on EBay to see if there is a used one available at a bargain price.

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