Sunday, 4 September 2011

The Wembley dream is over

Yes it's true, the dream of Wembley is over for another season. Ok so we were never going to make it to the Twin Towers - or the Millennium Arch or whatever it is you make it to at the new Wembley Stadium but I (along with many other Belper Town fans) was expecting to make it past the Preliminary round stage for the first time in three years. Three years running we have now lost to a team from a lower division at the first attempt.
Yesterday was the first time we have ever played Deeping Rangers (based in Market Deeping near Stamford). A friendly little club with some really nice people but Belper didn't really turn up again yesterday. Missed chances and a poor work ethic from some players cost them the chance of progress. A long trip (2 hours there and 1 hour 50 back) for a 2-1 defeat. The fans of the forum are already calling for Tommy Taylors head (or rather saying that we should never have given him the job in the first place) - early days to be saying that but it's easy to see the frustration.
To try and get over the disappointment I spent a good two hours cleaning my bike today. I also ordered two new tyres from Amazon - smart looking ones with blue edges to them. Hopefully they will look as good on the bike as they do on the website: New Tyres

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