Friday, 30 September 2011

Busy Week one way or another

Where to start ? Well we should have been in Cornwall this week but due to circumstances we didn't end up going - and we missed out on a mini heatwave - it's been in the mid to high 20's since Tuesday.
Tuesday night saw us on the (now familiar) roads to Carlton. This time it was in the Doodson League Cup. A much improved performance from the team saw us 2-0 up with 5 minutes remaining, but two lapses in concentration left us with a 2-2 draw and extra time. Two goals from Jon Froggatt (who had already scored one of the first two) saw Belper through to a 2nd round tie with Sheffield Club next month. Photos from the game can be seen here: Carlton v Belper
Wednesday saw us take a trip to Chatsworth. It was a very hot day and we walked about 7km but it felt much more due to the heat. Took a few snaps including these at a location we had not seen before at the far end of one of the lakes.

A few other snaps from the walk.
 I can't help but wonder why they planted the two trees at the bottom of the gap between the two copses on the horizon
 Mrs Snapper takes a few minutes break to take in the tranquil surroundings
When we got back from Chatsworth I decided it was too good an opportunity to miss out on this hot weather so the bike was out and off I went. Due to the risk of punctures on the road into Little Eaton (see previous blog entry) I have got a new circuit which goes through Holbrook and into Little Eaton, missing out the 'puncture strip' - then back via the A6 and the Chevin. Still leaves the drag back up to home but hey thats the way it is. Got round the 15.65 miles in 1:04 - which considering the heat and the hills was ok.
Thursday we had planned a trip to Ladybower but decided that the heat was probably a bit much for the walk we had planned so Sally decided our time would be better spent cleaning out the garage ! Ok so it was in a mess after a week of having Sallys brother revamping the en suite shower room. At the same time we had a chap come to fix the washer (which stopped working the day before), that cost us a new motor. After about 4 hours of that I decided it was time for another bike ride. I repeated the circuit of the day before (in the even hotter weather - 27 degrees) and knocked off about 1 minute and came in at 1.03 - by the end of the year I would hope to break the 1 hour mark although a lot depends on traffic.
Thursday night was the best part of the week for me. After hour upon hour on the internet looking at different bikes I saw a newly listed Boardman Competition Road bike. It was in Mansfield and had been re-listed due to someone time wasting on the first sale. A quick email to register my interest and check the size, then an offer (it was up at £500 buy-it-now price with a Best Offer option) and by bedtime I had bought myself a new bike. The owner (a really nice guy named Lee) had said he would meet a buyer within 30/40 miles. I googled his postcode and found he was 19 miles away. A quick email and we agreed he would deliver the bike for an additional £5. 
Today (Friday) I had to go into work to play my part (Dr Trevor Richards) in the Mock Inquest and when I got back there was a new addition to the newly cleaned garage.
This photo does not do it justice so I'll take some better ones tomorrow when I can get it outside. It is the 2010 model which although makes it a year older than the current one does mean it comes with the better Shimano 105 gears and Tiagra levers which the new ones have the cheaper Sora set up. Lee has also upgraded the saddle and the handlebar tape, it comes with a wireless computer, Shimano SPD pedals (which I will have to change initially as I don't have the shoes / cleats to work with them at the moment), two bottle cages and four spare inner tubes. The cost of this fantastic machine ? Would you believe £465 ? 

It does have a few chips and rubs on the paintwork but thats not a problem as none of them are serious, just the usual damage you get from use.
Tomorrow I'll swap the pedals over and get the bike set up at the right height and go for a spin around the road, just need to work out how to change gear now ;-)
Belpers game is at Rainworth, one of the few teams still below us in the table - heres hoping (and expecting) a win for the Nailers.

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