Sunday, 11 September 2011

That was awful

Even after 24 hours contemplation yesterdays performance was one of the worst I've seen from a Belper Town side. Probably not THE worst although I can't think of a worse one off the top of my head. A full 90 minutes of football without an effort on target is very poor at any level, especially semi pro. At 3-0 down after just 45 minutes it was really game over. To prove the point Grantham used the 2nd half as a 'training session' according to their fans forum and I wouldn't really disagree with that summary. Bearing in mind that Grantham had not won a game so far this season the manner of the defeat was even worse. Before the game we found out that Deon Meikle was possibly on his way to Ilkeston, and the new lad from Northampton only managed 45 minutes before being replaced by Andy Rushbury.
New Boy Alex Konstantinou
The 2nd half also saw a comical event when Belper won a corner and in his haste to take the kick Andy Rushbury managed to kick the corner flag at the same time as the ball - resulting in it rolling slowly forward. Andy was the nearest player after he had kicked it but not allowed to touch it again until someone else had done so. As we watched, he ran to the ball screaming for Damien Magee to come to the ball as the defender raced to clear the ball. Typical of the performance really. One bright spark came in the form of the Gingerbreads keeper who turned out in a fetching short sleeved, pink number. I asked the press officer if he was wearing it for a charity like Breast Cancer but apparently not. I'm sure he'll regret that decision one day but not yesterday as he had nothing to do for 90 minutes.
The board really need to make a decision as to what happens next as this is really like watching the worst of last season again.
The rest of the photos of the game can be seen here: Belper Town v Grantham Town Photos

On the home front we have a Sunflower in our garden - nothing too exciting about that, especially as it is only about 4 foot tall (which is pretty feeble as sunflowers go). The difference with this one is that it was not cultured but grew from a seed that fell off the bird table. I think I'll try and grow a few next year from seed and plant them out.
I've also collected a number of seeds from the poppies in the hope that I can grow a few of them too.
Finally on the bike front I nipped round to the car shop and got some degreaser for the chain. A quick half an hour with that and an old toothbrush (not got round to picking up a proper chain cleaning unit as yet). Then a quick bit of lube and we're ready to go again. Trouble is we are due to get the back end of a hurricane tomorrow so it may be hard work !

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