Friday, 11 November 2011

400 Up

No game this midweek due to our loss at Cuzon Ashton and Leek (our scheduled opponents having an FA Trophy replay thanks to a 90th minute equaliser on their part).
Got out on the bike Monday evening - what a horrid night that was too. Went on the Peugeot to try out the new mudguards for the first time, they did a cracking job of keeping the wet stiff off the bike and more importantly me !
Wednesday another miserable night although just about dry after a damp old day. Again the Peugeot was the bike of choice and that 7.5 miles was enough to click up 400 miles since I returned to cycling in July. Next target is obviously 500, averaging about 30 a week so should just about do it before the end of the year weather permitting (I know I'll miss the big Friday ride next week due to a trip to Stratford-Upon-Avon. Might be touch and go if the weather kicks in like it did last year about this time (well actually it won't because that will be the end of the cycling if the snow returns).
This morning I went to see the Cardiologist who agreed that I had quite a lot of irregular heartbeats (ectopics as we call them in the trade) but wasn't too concerned about them (easy for her to say they're not HER ectopics). I had high blood pressure so I need that monitoring and I have to have a Cholesterol check due to a family history of hyper- cholesterol. I also have to have an exercise tolerance test (or treadmill test) to check what happens when I exercise - that should be interesting given my heart gets up to about 170 bpm when I'm attacking some of these hills on my rides.
Talking of rides I was given the all clear to carry on cycling - which will be good news to Ken, you can stop worrying now Dad ;-). With that in mind I went out of the Boardman this afternoon and racked up another 20 miles in 1 hr 22 mins. Pulse hit 173 on the way back up Mill Street, A really miserable day today with drizzle and light rain but the new coat (see previous blog re new cycling jacket) was great - worth every penny !
Tomorrow it's another home game - against 2nd placed Stamford. NTLM has left the club citing 'internal politics' as his reason for leaving whereas the manager has suggested he was being paid too much to not score enough goals - not in those exact words but reading between the lines...
Off to Andys for some (not so healthy) Bangers & Mash - will have to check the Cholesterol content first tho..
More after the game

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