Wednesday, 23 November 2011

A win at last

Although I didn't make the trip (or possibly BECAUSE I didn't make the trip) to Goole, I watched the game on text. They (the texts and goals) came quite quickly to begin with, 1-0 Wright, 2-0 Froggy, 3-0 Longstaff. 3-0 at half time and game over. As so often turns out that was the end of the scoring. A 3-0 away win is impressive whoever you are playing and a long trip to Goole on a cold night was even better.
Sets us up nicely for a visit from our friends at Carlton on Saturday.
Tonight I got out on my bike for the first time in a week (missed Friday due to the trip to Stratford and Monday because I was at the Nuffield). Completed my 7.5 mile circuit in 31m 23s one of my better times. in fact just 10 seconds behind my fastest time for that particular circuit.
I read in a cycling magazine that as we get older we have a tendency to cycle slower in a bid to ride further. One thing that sticks in my memory was the sentence "as we get older we cycle slower because we cycle slower" and it's true that its psychological. I need to remember that there is no reason that I can't cyce as fast as I used to - faster even thanks to the new lighter bike and better wheels and tyres. Obviously I can't cycle as fast for as long but I need to be ensure I try a bit harder rather than giving in and admitting defeat on the grounds of age.
Off to Decathlon on Friday, one of the things I'll be looking at will be an indoor trainer to ensure I can keep riding my bike when the really bad weather kicks in like last year. I see they have one on offer at £130 reduced from £170 hopefully there will be some left - watch this space and find out.

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