Sunday, 20 November 2011

Another Defeat

It appears I didn't miss a lot by missing the trip to Market Drayton. A 3-0 defeat to a side below us in the table is poor - although a new manager has seen an upturn in their fortunes of late (we've been there, done that etc). Instead it was an afternoon putting the garden to bed for the winter, listening to the football on the radio and watching the texts coming through from Shropshire.
Next up is a Tuesday night trip to the Victoria Pleasure Grounds of Goole - not sure if I am going to make the trip yet or not. 
In the evening we were out at Derby Assembly Rooms watching Vin Garbutt. As always it was a great show from Vin - never seen anything else in all the times we have been going to see him live. 
The show finished at 10:35 and we had the 'pleasure' of walking back through Derby Town centre on a Saturday night to get back to the car. The sights you see are unbelievable - or is it just that I'm getting old ?
Talking of getting old - tomorrow night I have my treadmill test at the Nuffield Hospital - hopefully that will be the end of the tests etc. My Cholesterol came back as 5.6 which is above where we'd like it to be but better than expected. No bike riding tomorrow due to the trip to the hospital so Wednesday looks like the next time I'll be peddling round Belper.

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