Friday, 18 November 2011

Stratford Upon Avon

A cracking day in Stratford even though the weather wasn't brilliant. Met up with Ron & Pam, Ron was as entertaining as he ever was on the holiday. After a walk around the marina we had a look in the Royal Shakespear Company hall and then went for an Italian meal just around the corner. Ron told us about the time he was doing 160 mph on his motorbike. He looks the most unlikely person in the world to be riding motorbikes at over 150 mph but what an entertaining man he is. I will upload some photos including the biggest gathering of swans i've ever seen in one place.
Typical Stratford scene

Even the Bank is Olde Worlde

The Royal Shakespeare Company Swan Theatre

Swan fountain

Looks like someone is getting very wet

Count the swans

View up the River Avon

View from the RSC

The RSC Tower

Waiting for the Ice Cream Barge to open

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