Friday, 6 January 2012

Almost Weekend again

Where does the time go ? Another week has almost come and gone and the weekend is upon us again. 
What a week it's been on the weather front - gales and rain (and football on Monday) meant that there was no cycling until yesterday. Went out after work and clocked up another 10 miles. Added another 20 today to take the weekly total to 30 and the grand total to just over 610.
Had a change today from the usual Friday route - went down the A6 to Allestree then back past Little Eaton Garden centre, Eaton Bank and back. The ride back up Mill Street was the easiest one yet - good thing with the challenge from Nortoner who thinks Mill Street is a 'bump in't road. I would expect to be a fiver better off by this time tomorrow...
Talking of tomorrow, it's a visit from Coalville Town. Not sure we've played them before but I haven't checked my database so we may have done. The lads will be up for it after Mondays win at Ilkeston so I'm expecting a rare home win. Hopefully my mate Matt from work is making the trip over but he's just texted to say he's got 'man flu' so maybe he will have to leave it to another time.

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