Wednesday, 4 January 2012

Talking Hills

I picked up a copy of todays Belper News. They have a photographic competition running to take a shot of Belper. It's been running for three years in conjunction with Specsavers opticians. I entered the first year and got to the final 12 (which go into a Calendar). I haven't entered for the past two years.
Back to the point of the post, each week they print a few shots that have been sent in. This week this photo was printed (taken by a Mrs Day of Pingle Crescent. The reason for putting in here is to show the hill on Mill Street that I come up on return from a bike ride.
To appreciate the hill you need to look towards the white apexed building towards the bottom of the photo - and remember that to get to the bottom of this hill is also a climb up from the A6
The really steep part is the last 100 metres up towards where the photo was taken from - from about the first car on the left in the photo. I'll try and get a clearer photo one day but usually when I've cycled up here I can hardly breath so no chance of taking it at that time (last Friday when I reached the top my heart rate was 181 !!)


  1. Call that a Hill?
    It's more like a bump in t'rooard to us Sheffielders ah tell thi!

  2. Ok then - bring your bike on Saturday and I'll race you up it for a fiver ;-)

  3. Damn! If only I didn't have this puncture.....