Saturday, 21 January 2012

A Home Win at Last

An odd sort of weak really. Monday it was too cold to go out on the bike (below freezing by the time we got back from work at 5pm), Wednesday just 10 miles but the first 1.5 miles the the back brake on when the wheel shifted after last weekends cleaning session. I knew something was wrong as it felt as though i was cycling through treacle until I realised what was happening.
Friday it was non stop rain so no cycling that day either. Friday night we went to Andys to see the newest member of the Carter family, little Ava. First daughter to Sam & Lizzie. Took the camera of course and snapped away - I'll post up a photo when I've finished processing them tomorrow.
Last night I developed a sharp pain in my Left knee for no apparent reason. Noticed it when I crossed my leg, it kept waking me up last night. I asked Lucy the physio to look at it today after the match and she thinks it may be an inflamed fat pad under the knee cap (how dare she suggest I have a fat knee) ?! Think I'll give it a rest for a few days on the bike and see how it goes.
Todays game went ahead against Newcastle Town and we saw a home win at last. Despite Newcastle equalising just before half time Belper went on to win 3-1 after the Town keeper got injured but carried on with a bandage around his chin.

Despite this he was named as Newcastles Man of the Match for numerous good saves.
Today saw the return of two former Belper players, Steve Warne who's departure earlier in the season coincided with Belpers downturn in form. Also making it's debut today was the new Clock which the Ops Committee had funded.
It's a pretty impressive piece of kit that lights up at dusk. Thanks to the world renowned clockmakers Smith of Derby the clock cost us £500 - a lot less than the value of it.
And here we have the birthday boy. Good Old Ken from up north. Match ball sponsor of todays game on his 82nd Birthday - and still found time to abuse the referee (and the Duchess won the Goalden Goal again). Ok so he was only 62 but he looks older ;-)
I couldn't resist another photo of the clock after the game

And finally one last photo to end todays entry, the trees by the clubhouse in silhouette.


  1. Ha - I might be getting on a bit but at least both of my knees work!!


  2. Thats because they spend all of their time walking between 'eateries' from what you told me on Saturday :-)
    Hope you had a good birthday mate.