Saturday, 14 January 2012

We didn't lose at home - then again we didn't play !

As the title says we managed to avoid another home defeat - by not putting the pitch covers down that may have got the game on !
It was obvious last night that there was little chance of the game being on today after last nights heavy frost. We went for a meal last night and on the way home the temp was -1. This morning when I got up it was -4.1 and at 9:30 it was still showing -2.5 at 9:30am so no chance of a game due to the shaded area in front of the stand not getting any sun
Sherbourne Green this morning

With the chance of football being about zero we went off to Ashbourne and awaited the text saying the gas was officially off.
Took a few snaps of frozen plants in the MIL's garden

This morning I nipped into the garage and saw a potential shot as the light came round the garage door and hit the back end of my bikes. This is the cropped down version of the light on my Peugeot.
Our Cat Lottie decided it was far too cold to even consider going out so settled herself down on the bed and was still there when we got back from Ashbourne.

At Dotties I saw a vase of semi dead roses which cried out for a quick couple of photographs. Took them upstairs to catch the natural light

Finally for today - we called at the group on the way home as the new clock was installed this morning by Kevin Allen

Kevin Allen & son Tom with the new clock

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