Friday, 27 January 2012

Good & Bad Week for cycling

Well that was an interesting week on the cycling front. A couple of 10 mile rides in the week then nothing on Friday thanks to another downpour in the afternoon. In the morning we went to have a look at Samways Cycles in Derby and couldn't resist the Pinarello FP1 bike they had in the January sale. Originally £1,499 it was in the sale at £1,079 with another 10% off meaning the sale price was £967. Well how could you say no to a bargain like that? I had actually seen it on the net for £959 but it's more reassuring to have a shop to go back to if required. Also I had to try it for size as the Pinarellos are known for odd sizing. I think this one is a 52cm which is a lot smaller than anything I have previously had but you have to add 3cm to the sizing apparently.
I took this snap with my camera phone in the shop - very poor quality but no doubt I'll be able to get some decent snaps of it when I get it home tomorrow (when it's been set up and service checked.
Whats so good about it ? Well it is lighter, has a compact from chainring (34 instead of 39 which should make getting up those hills easier - we'll see about that), it's got carbon forks front & rear and is generally a much better bike. Question is now do I set up the Boardman for wet days and relegate the Peugeot back to the shed ? I can't bring myself to part with it as it's been such a good bike and the gears are still like new, never miss a shift.
I'm collecting the bike tomorrow afternoon as we don't have a match due to previous changes to the fixtures leaving us with a blank Saturday - not good as we won last week so would have been nice to keep that run going. Instead it's a blank weekend except for the FA Cup ties in the TV.
The current mileage for this year stands at 100 - not sure what I am aiming for as I never did a full year in 2011 to compare with (only starting in July).
Need to have a think about that one. In the meanwhile it's a meal out with friends Jan & Steve tonight which is always a good laugh.

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