Saturday, 24 December 2011

Almost there

As the muppets would say 'one more sleep to Christmas'

Time for a quick catch up then.

Finished work on Thursday 22nd, did the 'Christmas shop' which is as traditional as the tree and the decorations. People were buying food like it was going out of fashion, the shops are only closed for two days for goodness sake.

Our cat has decided to let it all pass her by and left the message 'wake me up when it's all over'

Friday we had our Christmas hair cuts then to the garden centre for a quick coffee and piece of cake. After that we called in at Krishnas house to drop off a present. We only planned on staying for an hour but we ended up being there for 3 1/2 as we were entertained by son Dan on the trombone and then Sophie and Dan on piano - two very talented and confident kids who are great fun to be around.

They also have a rescue dog called Socks. Originally named because of his white paws. Sadly he had an accident a few days after they re homed him and he had to have a back leg removed. He's still called socks but also has the nickname Tripod. You'd hardly know he only had three legs when you see him rushing about.

I also noticed yesterday that we still have a poppy out in the garden. I thought it was unusual to have one on remembrance day, but two days before Christmas ?? Here it is:

As I type this there is a gale blowing outside and the temp is showing as 8.3 - todays weather forecast suggested temps of 13 tomorrow to make it the hottest Christmas day on record !

Hope anyone reading this has a great day tomorrow (that means you Ken) and hopefully Santa will bring us a win over the First Football Club in the World on Boxing Day.

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