Monday, 12 December 2011

Another bargain buy

Remember I said I had ordered another cycling shirt but it hadn't arrived ? Well it arrived today and it turns out to be the best one of the three I bought. In very good condition I was very pleased with my £7.14 purchase.

 Best part is that it has a full length zip - it's the only shirt I have that has this so will be great to use on those baking hot days we are going to have next year...
 Exactly the same as last Monday we got home, had tea and were all set to go out to get some exercise - looked outside to see it had started raining ! Decided the time had arrived to put the turbo trainer to the test. Set it up in the garage, put Planet Rock on the radio and set off for half an hours spinning. It's easier than being on the road as there are no hills but you also have to remember there is no freewheeling on a turbo trainer. The only thing missing is that you don't know how far you have 'virtually cycled' 
 As far as this issue is concerned a quick look on Amazon and I have ordered a sensor that goes on the rear wheel and hooks up with my Garmin 305 GPS watch.
Hopefully with that in place there should be no three week lay offs like last year when the snow stopped us exercising. Sally has the treadmill set up - all we need now is some decent sounds to exercise to.
Harping back to Saturday - I have just about got over my strop with New Mills. A 40 mile drive in the poor weather - reminded me that the real life was to be a cat. This was what our cat was doing while I was out in the cold and the snow on Saturday.
Tomorrow night Belper have Derby County coming to town - can't see us winning that, especially with all the players missing through suspension and possibly Froggy out with a hamstring. Weather doesn't sound too good so might be a miserable night - or might be a turn up for the books.

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