Tuesday, 27 December 2011

Well Thats That Then

Yes thats Christmas over for another year - back to work tomorrow morning for 7am.
Christmas Day came and went with it's usual Tinsel and Turkey. 
The temperature was somewhat different from last year. According to todays paper it was 1 degree last Christmas day at it's peak. Yesterday it was showing 11.2 degrees outside at my brother in laws house in Ashbourne at 1:43 pm.

As for presents I had already had the turbo trainer and the Garmin cadence monitor for the bike so wasn't expecting much. What I did get was a couple of DVDs, one of Sarah Millican and one of Micky Flanaghan - both should be good for a laugh as they are my two favourite comedians at the moment.
An added bonus was a 27" iMac which we picked up from my mate Andy who had got it through a points scheme at work. We got it for £400 less and it's still in a sealed box, never been used. All I need now is a copy of Office for Mac and some form of Photoshop.
Amongst the other items I got from the inlaws were a fluorescent cycling jacket, a book of football grounds Now and Then (5th edition, I have the other 4 already), and a Roy of the Rovers book. That brought back some memories of days long gone by.

After lunch my sister in law shouted me to come into the kitchen to photograph their cat Rossi who appeared to be saying "wheres my dinner then"

Boxing Day = football. Well not always as we have only played 20 times on December 26th since the club were reformed in 1952. All of the other games have been played around Boxing day  (or has been postponed due to the weather). No worries about postponements this year as it was 13+ degrees outside at 12:07 today.

This year we entertained the First Club in the World (or Sheffield FC as they are officially known). Despite taking a first half lead into the break we still managed to lose 1-3, which means that we ended the year much along the lines of what has gone before this season. 
Photos from the game can be see here: Belper v Sheffield
My Only Follower
Next up for the Nailers a trip to Ilkeston on Monday 3rd - not holding out a lot of hope for win there but you never know, stranger things have happened - like the time we beat them at our place earlier in the season.

Today I added another 15 miles to the cycling total for the year. Incredibly it was still 10.1 degrees at 1:30pm this afternoon.

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