Saturday, 3 December 2011

Off to Kidsgrove Athletic

With tension mounting after 5 defeats in 6 games todays trip to Kidsgrove makes for a pressure match. Kidsgrove are below us in the table and looking a poor side on paper but do have Dave Walker who always seems to be able to find the nest against Belper. In the past 9 trips to Kidsgrove we have won 3 and lost 6. The last time we came away with the 3 points was the 2007/08 season when Ross hannah scored two and Ant Wilson got the third in a 3-1 win in front of just 91 people. I assume there will be more there today on a sunny but very windy Saturday in December. Two things about Kidsgrove - it always seems cold there - although as we have only ever been in October, November, December, February or March thats not surprising. Another thing is they are so tight with programmes - hardly any in the boardroom and only print a few so it's always a battle to get one for the archive (which currently stands at (2013). Hopefully Tony T will be there in time to grab one for me otherwise I may have to pay for one !!
Yesterday I completed my longest bike ride since returning to the saddle in July. 22.1 miles in 1H 38m. The significance of this mileage was that it took me to 500 miles in total. A cold day but very enjoyable although the last few miles were hard going. It's hard top believe that I have cycled almost 5 times that distance in one day before - ok only the once but I did use to cycle 40-60 miles on occasions without too much trouble - I fear those days are gone although I do think I will try and cycle 50 miles before 2012 is out (while I am still clinging to my 40's). I can't wait for the warm weather to return, when I can get a pair of shorts and a jersey on and be off rather than the 30 minutes of getting into warm gear, hats gloves, three layers of tops, overshoes etc. 
Ok - time to go and get some dinner, Hugh is picking me up at 12:45 before we meet up with Scribbler for the 1h 15m trip over to Staffordshire. Catch you later.

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