Thursday, 8 December 2011

EBay Bargains

Everyone loves a bargain - and I got two recently (with another on the way hopefully). I found a shop on ebay who sell used cycling shirts. Prices start at just £0.99p although I always seems to pay about £4 for the ones I have had so far. Having said that the last one I bought (which hasn't arrived yet) was just over £7.

The first one I got was this one
I had no idea what team it related to when I bought it other than it has a distinct Italian look due to the writing on it - I just liked the colours (italbonifica were an Italian racing team back in the 1990's - italbonifica). Michele Moro is the only rider on the list that I have any vague recognition of.

Pleased with my purchase (£6.29 including postage & packing) I had another look on the site (they have literally hundreds of shirts including an option to buy 100 assorted shirts for £189) and came across this one:
The second shirt is this one from an amateur Belgium cycling team. This one cost the princely sum of £7.14 again including postage & packing.  

The third one (that hasn't arrived yet) could prove to be the bargain buy of the three. It cost just £4.98. I bought that one as I don't have a summer jersey with a full length zip for when it gets really hot (can't imagine that just at the moment). Hopefully that one will arrive in the next few days.
Finally I bought a DVD as a Christmas present from someone. It's from the 1980's and includes the 1987 Tour De France won by my personal cycling hero, Stephen Roche. It also includes the 1988 Tour won by Pedro Delgado. Hope the quality is good when it arrives.

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