Wednesday, 14 December 2011

As Expected

As soon as we saw the Derby County line up for the game it was obvious that there was no way we were going to win this game.
 1. Legzdins
 2. Leacock
 3. Buxton
 4. Witham
 5. O'Brien
 6. Riggott
 7. Croft
 8. Maguire
 9. Robinson
10. Doyle
11. Cywka
Far too much first team experience in the side for Belper, especially as we had the likes of Aaron Pride, Colin Marrison, Alan O'Hare suspended and Froggy out with a hamstring. 
By half time we were 1-3 down but the score could have been twice that with the missed chances.
Second half Derby stepped up the pace and as Belper faded they ran in 6 more goals to Belper 2 to leave the final score of Belper Town 3 Derby County 9
Belper did manage an equaliser through Ben Leonard following a free kick from new boy Aron Wint. The keeper couldn't hold it and Ben was first to react and head the ball into the opposite corner.
By the end of the game the score could have easily have been 15 or more. The biggest disappointment was not the scoreline but the crowd. Just 214 people turned up to the game.

Today the sensor for the bike arrived so I can see how far I have cycled when using the turbo trainer. As it was dry (although only 2.3 degrees) I went out on the Peugeot after tea. Enjoyed the ride even though it was a cold. a 7.5 mile ride in 31m. 
Now got 5 days off work - with the big game against Shepshed on Saturday to come 

Post match note: There was a box of programmes left over due to the poor turnout and the extra print run but on ebay I see there are copies up for sale at £5 each. These are described as 'rare' due to a short print run ! If anyone wants a copy I can get you one for £2.00 - all proceeds to the Ops Committe

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