Saturday, 10 December 2011

Postponed !

Well this should have been a report on the trip to New Mills but instead it will probably turn into a rant. Todays game was always going to be in some doubt due to the weather. Last night we went out for a meal at the Black Boy with Mike & Jenny next door, when we came out at 9pm it was snowing and the roads were starting to freeze. With the game being up in New Mills (near to Stockport) the chances are that the weather was going to be worse up there. That thought was confirmed when I got up this morning to find that the game at Buxton had been called off due to a waterlogged pitch.
Despite reading every appropriate website (BTFC, Fans Forum, Evo-Stik, New Mills) there was not a hint that the game was in doubt. Well there may have been a hint when Dave Laughlin posted on the forum last night that he had heard there MAY be a pitch inspection this morning. No mention of a pitch inspection this morning, no updates from anyone. I texted Ian Featherby at lunchtime and he said the game was on (by this time the supporters coach had already left for the game). We set off at 1pm. The Via Gellia road and Newhaven roads were ok but he fields either side were covered in snow. Just as we turned onto the Newhaven road my phone rang. It was match secretary Ian Wright ringing to say that the game had been called off by the match referee. Not frozen, not snow covered - but muddy goalmouths apparently. So a 40 mile round trip for nothing ! We decided to call and watch the reserve game when we got back but we only stayed until half time as it was freezing cold and we had seen enough. I snapped a few photos in the first half. 
Yesterday saw me getting a good soaking on the bike. I set off in bright sunshine although it did look dodgy over Crich Monument as I turned onto Whitemoor Lane. All the way out to Little Eaton I was riding in sunshine (although it was cold - just 5.7 degrees C with a cold northerly wind) but all the time to my right (back over Belper way) it was Bible black. I had just descended to the A6 at Duffield when I felt the first spots of rain begin to fall. By the time I had reached Milford it was raining much harder and the spots hitting my face were like small needles. Along the A6 the rain got heavier and back in Belper it was raining quite hard. Sally was out jogging in Belper, just 2 miles up the hill in a blizzard. I ploughed on and totalled up 16.5 miles making a weekly total of 24miles. Hardly world beating but if I can keep this up through the Winter as long as possible I should be ready for the Spring when the better weather comes back (hopefully). I have a feeling the turbo trainer will be in action before too long though, which reminds me I must order another odometer to use with the trainer.

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